Saint Marteen’s of London Special Guinguette Party : E-greeter’s meet in #picsaintloup

#PicSaintLoup vu du CielI’d love to have one of the Guinguette Parties, this summer, as an informal gathering of E-greeter in #PicSaintLoup, actual or willing to be.

I’ve known the Pic Saint Loup and it’s surrounding charming villages for 30 years know, lived here 10 years now.

I keep being curious, to discover, to learn from ancients, to learn from Nature, it has so much to tell us, especially here, with a unique and highly protected biotope where Women and Men have put their marks for over 50 000 years now.

Breathe in #PicSaintLoupHere you can read, feel, breathe what they have felt, and rediscover a real link, to seasons, to friends, birds, plants and even stones. The link I thought I had lost whilst living the crazy life of a young over enthusiastic executive with The Body Shop and a few “long-sighted” companies who had seen sustainability as an natural heart of their identity.

I love sharing, my house as a bed and breakfast bring me a never felt before reward : Every day (or just about 🙂 I meet and encounter new guests, learn from them, give them tailor-made hints and tips, from Villeneuve les Maguelones, Saint Guilhem le Désert, les Gorges de l’Hérault, La Belle Vigne or le Saint Bonheur ! There’s so much to discover within 5 mn walk to 1 hour drive. When they come back, they leave a few lovely words in the Guestbook and then I know I’m lucky to live where I live.

Sièste de chatThe natural pool and the gardens are just the same : a B&B for nature to meet, encounter and exchange. Very often, the garden brings us very nice comments on it’s wildlife comments : a new bird singing, a new type of butterfly, wild salads, amazing dialogues between honey bees and flowers, a lovely fragile and perfectly painted-as-a-makeup frog comes to swim with us, gently (a real frog, stop laughing).

The Guinguette is a special place within the Gardens for a special local specie : Human Beings.

If you feel you are one of them, that you want to share you love and stories about the Pic, about being a Greeter, Welcome ! Contact us by mail, phone, Facebook but do it !

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